Andrea Christie is a clay artist and educator in Austin, Texas.

“It is my intent to create ceramic objects that tie a sense of time and memories to the physical nature of the hand and earth. By utilizing slip cast and handbuilt objects, I am able to explore the dynamics between form and surface, with a focus on drawing and painting. Porcelain vessels act as a blank canvas, and handbuilt objects hang on the wall to become drawings and compositions in and of themselves. I use underglaze pencils and underglaze colors for staining, drawing and painting on the smooth surface of the clay. Decals of vintage materials and my own sketches become layers of composition on functional pieces. The earthy and intimate nature of the material is revealed in the subtle beauty of a seam or the spontaneity of a mark. Thin layers of sprayed glaze enhance color and line, and create a satiny and varying sheen that celebrates surface of the clay."

“I scale my pieces to the size of the hand or slightly larger, to invite the viewer to take a step closer, and investigate the details of the piece. I enjoy exploring symbolic forms which relate to the domestic, the familiar and the incidental. While many of these objects and images are inspired by my surroundings and my memories, the iconographies are common enough to allow the viewer to insert his or her own meaning and create a personal connection to the piece.”